Inbred Family Discovered in Remote Australia | Australian ‘incest’ cult

Inbred Family Discovered in Remote Australia | Australia 'Incest' CultInbred Family Discovered in Remote Australia

Inbred Family Discovered in Remote Australia

The inbred family discovered in remote Australia has turned out to be the worst case of incest the country has ever known.  It is believed they had fled three other South Australia to Western Australia and then back across to New South Wales to avoid being discovered.

Inbred Family Discovered in Remote Australia

The discovery of a 40-strong family came about when residents from the nearest town 20 miles away reported there were children living in the hills who did not attend school.

The family, adults and young children, that are the result of generations of inbreeding in which the brothers and sisters, and most likely the fathers and daughters too, were encouraged to have sex together.

The depraved family, which reported labeled ‘incest cult,’ was found living in squalid sheds, tents and caravans with no plumbing or running water.

The shocking discovery of the family’s depraved live in the valley, lying southwest of Sydney, were reminiscent of the inbred hillbillies featured in the movie, “Deliverance”.

The family told authorities the saga began in New Zealand, in the first half of the last century, when June ‘Colt’ was born to parents who were brother and sister.

Younger members had oddly-formed features, severe learning disabilities and did not know how to use a toilet or a loo roll (toilet paper).

The family included a boy with a walking impairment and severe psoriasis, another with hearing and sight problems and a third boy whose eyes were misaligned.  A nine-year-old girl could not hear or write, had stunted speech and was unable to bathe or dry herself.

Sickening details of generations of child abuse emerged from the New South Wales Children’s Court which placed some of the children in psychological treatment programs for over-sexualized behavior. The court’s findings are normally kept secret but judges took the unusual step of publishing details of the worst case of incest it had ever recorded.

Siblings who had sex as soon as they were old enough then had offspring which were also encouraged to procreate. Fathers are also believed to have had sex with their daughters.

Their camp was only discovered when residents from the nearest town 20 miles away reported there were children living in the hills who did not attend school.

Stunned social workers found dirt-covered stoves and cooking facilities, rotten food in a fridge and a kangaroo sleeping on one of the children’s beds.

They were told how three brothers aged 14 and under tied their sister, 8, and niece, 13, naked to a tree.

The court documents revealed mouth swabs deduced five children had parents who were themselves “closely related” to one another while another five had parents who were “related”.

The name of the town has not been released.

The family has been given the new surname Colt to protect the identities of the children. Some have been placed with foster parents.

Another resident who saw them shopping told a Sydney newspaper: “They were never clean looking.”

“There was nothing on the land where they lived. No electricity, no water – just scrub.”

SOURCE:  Australia ‘incest’ cult: Deformed children unable to speak or wash themselves discovered in remote valley – Mirror Online

Inbred Family Discovered in Remote Australia



Well, no question for today, I guess, because I can’t think of a good one to ask, quite frankly.  I do hope that these people will be taken care of in a fair and peaceful way.

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  1. I hope this ends the American South as the hillbilly capital of the USA. This just goes to show us that scenes from “Deliverance” can happen anywhere as they have always happened, not just in Ga.,etc. I”m not happy that it happened elsewhere ( even in lovely Australia, just surprised), but at least our media can focus elsewhere. Hope the family can get help, but it will take years of undoing, like the story of a little girl in Ca. Named Genie.

    • Yes, it is a sad state of affairs, and I’m sure this happens all around the world. I’m glad you took the time out to read my post, and I do hope you will come visit again, Virginia. Peace.

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